I write copy that is not just read, but remembered

Nice to meet you,

I'm Jose

but you can call me the ADHD.preneur.I'm a freelance copywriter, among other things, but not your average one.My ADHD fuels my creativity and focus, turning it into a Hyperfocus that crafts unbeatable copy.It's more than just words for me; it's about painting your brand's story with them.But enough about me. This is about you.

don't be like
everyone else

Your DTC/ E-COM business deserves more than just off-the-rack copy.it needs words that spark action, ramp up engagement, and drive your conversions through the roof..That's where I come in.In the online world where clicks equal cash, your copy shouldn't be the weak link.From landing pages to email campaigns, blog posts to social media content, I create an aesthetic experience that resonates with your audience, aligns with your brand, and drives results.Just check out what one guy said about me recently

this was actually said

"Jose is a god amongst men."
-one guy

now that I have your attention

show me your stuff

I'm not here to hard sell you on some big-ticket item.I'm here to offer you a free, no-strings-attached copywriting audit. Think of it as a friendly gesture from one hustler to another.I'll take a look at your content, figure out what's working, what's not, and where there's potential for improvement.I'm gonna find all those small tweaks that can make a huge difference.

Heres why working with me is the BEST move you could make

Ive been in your shoes

The digital jungle is tough. Good news? I've already blazed the trail. I've got the map you need to sidestep the pitfalls and fast-track your success.

I Keep it real

I'm not your typical stuffy freelancer. I speak your language, cut the BS, and craft copy that genuinely connects with your audience.

Your Win is Our Win

This isn't a quick buck for me. I'm in for the long haul. I'm here to build a lasting partnership, where your success is our celebration. Let's make waves together.

Okay im in

Lets talk

If you've scrolled this far, it means you're itching to make some serious moves in the digital world. Let's stop the scrolling and start the rolling.Drop me a line in the form below. Whether it's a question, a casual hello, or you're all set to plunge headfirst into this journey, I'm all ears.

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